Great Android Lolli-pop Features You Can Love

If you're a Android apparatus user, you must be very pleased with the performance of your mobile device's operating process. Unlike the iOS, Android makes it possible for users to download and install third party apps to enhance their mobile phone's functionality. It's good also that Android continues to make an effort to present their users the very best mobile phone experience by updating the OS. Given that the Android 5.0 lolli-pop has already been launched, you might wonder how different it is from the prior versions. You may also be interested to know if it will be feasible for you to install the phone tracking free on your Android phone.

1. Flashlight

Probably one of the very widely used apps downloaded on Android are flashlight apps. With Lollipop, there's no need to download a third-party application as it is part of the options you will notice in the preferences. Please notice that program is available in devices that has an LED flash near its camera.

2. Arrange and prioritize your programs

Android lolli-pop lets you specify a set of valuable apps that may notify you. Just goto Settings > Sound & Notification > Program alarms. From that point, you may choose to block an app or place it as a priority.

3. Go straight to program settings

With the increased Android lolli pop, you're going to be able to go to an app's settings directly from the lock screen. All you need to do is long-press any program telling for one to be carried to the app settings.

4. Battery life test

Yet another exceptional quality of Android Lollipop is its ability to tell just how long is needed for the battery to become fully charged empty or up. You merely have to tap the battery icon to find that the scanning.

5. Battery saver

If you're always worried that your programs are burning up a lot of your device's battery, this particular feature of Android lolli-pop may be the solution that you require. Lollipop comes with a battery saver mode that you may switch on to save battery life. By allowing this method, some desktop syncing is stopped when your phone is not being used.

Could Mobile Tracking Software be Installed?

Android makes it possible for a huge number of third party programs to be installed inside their devices, but there remain some which can't be used using a Android unit. One of them is a cell phone spy program. Regardless, you are still able to have the top cell phone spy software 2014 on your phone or even a target mobile by rooting Android. This is a process wherein certain restrictions defined by Android is going to likely be removed, so that you may possibly become literally any app or applications such as Auto Forward mobile phone spy on your own Android device.

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